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​Hypnosis in Brattleboro


Thought Exploration

Viewing the world through a unique lens
and transforming life through alternative therapies 
that speak more than words ever could.
 Hypnosis in Brattleboro      Weight Loss, Anxiety Relief     

Do you have challenges in your life?

Help is here for you. Using a proven variety of gentle but effective therapies, chronic difficulties can be identified, analyzed and resolved in a short amount of time. Advanced pastoral counseling, clinical hypnosis, health and wellness coaching, and creative therapies will solve your problems with help from

Susan Rosano, MA, a trusted, top level professional.

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Hypnosis helps with:

Weight Control

Anxiety, Stress & Fears

Smoking Cessation


Cultivating Confidence

Study Habits

Sports Abilities

Chronic Pain

and much more ....

Susan also features Past Life Regression Sessions

Offering Free Telephone

Hypnosis and Life Coaching Consultations (1/2 Hour)

Supported with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Susan's Coaching and Hypnosis will:
1. Help you define what you want to accomplish and then create goals
2. Probe, challenge, listen and question until you have developed a clear vision with goals to move toward
3. Support and motivate you through the process to the achievement of your goals with Hypnosis
4. Help you develop a clear action plan to move your goals forward toward a well formed outcome

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   Coaching & Hypnosis in Brattleboro 

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Susan E. Rosano, MA

Certified Hypnotist 

Life Coach using NLP

Registered Creative Arts Therapist

​Clinical Pastoral Counselor

​Reiki Master

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Susan works out of 

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