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11/13/17 - Healthy Eating Habits

Control Your Weight with Hypnosis and Coaching in this relaxing session of talking about your eating habits and learning how hypnosis changes your thoughts and relieves unhealthy food cravings.

Monday, November 13th from 6:00 - 7:00 pm


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11/20/17 - Stress Free Holidays

Relax Through Your Holidays
Feeling stressed and anxious about the upcoming holidays? Spend an hour with Susan to find out how to bring the words "Calm and Relaxed" into your Holiday Season. Through coaching and hypnosis, your holidays will be fun, relaxed and filled with joy!
Monday, November 20th from 6:00 - 7:00 pm


All Sessions are Only $40.00

Reservations Required
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​Hypnosis in Brattleboro


Thought Exploration

Viewing the world through a unique lens
and transforming life through alternative therapies 
that speak more than words ever could.
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Community Hypnosis and

Wellness Coaching Session


Susan Rosano, MA, Certified Hypnotist and Wellness Coach 
Brattleboro Health Center

441 West River Rd, Brattleboro


Susan E. Rosano, MA

Clinical Hypnotist

Health & Wellness Coach

Reiki Master

Healthy Changes Vermont

Clinical Hypnosis Helps With:

Weight Control                             Chronic Pain

Anxiety & Stress                          Fear of Dental Treatments 

​Insomnia                                       Phobias and Fears                         Hypno-Birthing                            Confidence

Smoking Cessation                     Learn Self-Hypnosis

Athletic Abilities                          Public Speaking

Performance Shyness                Nervous Habits

​                          And Much More....

​Hypnosis Fee: $90.00 per session