Holistic Counseling in Brattleboro​

Susan's Other Therapies Include:

HOLISTIC COUNSELING in Brattleboro - is an approach which helps clients to heal by taking the entire human being and their life experiences into consideration for assessment and treatment purposes. In other words, where traditional counseling methods consider the psychological ramifications of issues and behaviors; holistic counseling assesses and treats from physical and spiritual contexts--as well as a psychological or mental ones.

SPIRITUAL CARE COUNSELING in Brattleboro -promotes wellness and healing of mind, body, heart, and soul serving the whole person including the individual's values that give purpose and meaning to life. A non-denominational counseling that is grounded in soul and spirit, helping folks with grief, sorrow, and sadness.

REIKI ENERGY HEALING  -  is a natural, curative treatment that gently balances life energies bringing deep relaxation and wellness. 

Session Prices: $55.00 half hour / $65.00 for 45 min.  / $75.00 one hour

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Call: 860-301-9033

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Reiki and Creative Art Therapy classes offered by Susan at the Brattleboro Holistic Health Center at the Brattleboro Professional Center,

441 West River Road, Brattleboro

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