Susan's past work at St. Francis Hospital's Integrative Medicine Department in Hartford, CT has made her a top level professional in the field of hypnosis, expressive arts therapy, energy healing and all her other fantastic therapies.


Words from Satisfied Clients:


​The pain in my cheek has gone away after having some relaxing hypnosis sessions with Susan. I would recommend her hypnosis to anyone with chronic pain issues. Mandy B.

 I lost 50 pounds with your weight loss hypnosis. With the help of my doctor and your hypnosis, I am all set to stay a healthy weight for the rest of my life. Bless you for this help!          Alison 

Dear Susan, 
My recent back surgery and recovery have been a great success and I credit your self-hypnosis sessions before the surgery. The sessions helped me cope with an enormously stressful situation very well. I listened to our recorded sessions in the hospital and was able to manage my pain extremely well while there and also now, as I go through recovery. My surgeon was very impressed; I had to smile when he called me "tough". Thank you for all your help. Lynn G.

Hi Susan, We worked together last year on my fear of flying. Just wanted to let you know I now enjoy it and was able to fly, not once. but eight times in the past year. Went to Florida, California twice, New Mexico, and then Italy. Pretty amazing for me! Thanks for all your help! Mary H.

 Susan, Just wanted to let you know that my sessions for anxiety relief with you had a big impact on me. It was very gradual but significant. Finally unpacked all my boxes, fluffed up my nest, & am feeling very stable, happy, & at home. Thanks for your caring guidance. Happy Spring! Annie Z. 


Dear Susan,  I am so happy to feel free of my eating disorder. I no longer feel the desire to eat food when I'm not hungry. For me, this is a great thing to be free from. I have lost 35 pounds and am feeling light and happy!! Thanks, Della H.

Hi Susan,  The pain in my neck has gone away completely! Working with my doctors did not help this undiagnosed pain. But your Hypnosis in Brattleboro, was exactly what I needed. Thank you for giving me a pain-free life! 

Mary B.


Susan,  I am so happy to work with you as my coach! I have changed the way I live, work, relax, and eat with your coaching processes. Thanks for working with me - I'm a happy client for sure! Cathy K.

I have used Susan for Health & Wellness Coaching, Reiki in Brattleboro for a few months now and am impressed with the great changes in my life!

Sharon B.




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